Ретрит под Владимиром 2020

Ретрит под Владимиром 2020

8 — 14 июня 2020 г. под Владимиром состоится ретрит с Гуруджи Шибенду Лахири.

Передача практик в Москве

Передача практик в Москве

5, 6, 7 июня 2020 в Москве состоится передача практик крия йоги учителем династической линии Шибенду Лахири.

Lahiri Mahasaya

Lahiri Mahasaya

did not visit this planet to keep you amused in poor and paralyzing consolations but to break the mental prison.

There are no two

There are no two

Human consciousness is constituted by its contents comprising of cultural inputs and conditioning. There is no part of the conspicuous self-consciousness which is outside the net-work of its contents.

 An invitation

An invitation

to die to the illusion ‘I’ every moment so that a human being can live in Intelligence from moment to moment without the burden of the past and the ‘becoming’ of the future.



There is no psychological evolution or development. There is only the ending and demolition of the separative psyche ‘I’, for the emergence of divinity which is the awakening of Intelligence.

Message 81

What is Awareness?

Paris, 11 December 2005

  1. Awareness is the movement of Actuality. It is not the manoeuvre of abstractions and ascriptions.
  2. Awareness pertains to the real thing, not to the thought and the theory about the thing.
  3. Awareness is concerned with the fact, not with the fancy and fallacy camouflaging the fact.
  4. Awareness belongs to ‘what is’, not to ‘what should be’.
  5. Awareness leads to freedom and emptiness, not to fragmentation of the experience-structure.
  6. Be aware of your neurosis!
  7. Rise to the awareness of your (mind’s) conflicts, confusion and chaos; not run into concepts, conclusion and concoction.
  8. Be awake to your awareness, don’t remain asleep in your ambition.
  9. Awareness is intelligence, assertion is merely intellectual.
  10. Be aware of your guilt & gullibility, of your greed and god, of your glorification and gratification.
  11. Don’t carry the burden of your belief-systems, symbols, images, motives, taboos, prejudices, superstitions, pretentions; just be aware of them.
  12. Be aware of your pursuits for power, possessions, position, prominence; don’t seduce yourself by paradoxes and prayers.
  13. Find out if the consciousness can be aware of itself without splitting itself into two — ‘me’ and ‘my consciousness’.
  14. Be aware that although you have a unique body, you are not an individual! You are the whole humanity! There is diversity but no division.
  15. Be aware of the self-hypnotic techniques being sold in the spiritual market as meditation and thus be available to the sacred movement of spontaneous meditation.
  16. Awareness is the only morality which wakes you up to the immorality of the power of money, to the insistence on worldliness that industrialism has brought about and to the idiocy of ideologies. And out of such an awareness comes an extraordinary sense of immensity which no President, no Prime Minister, no Pope, no Paramahansa is aware of!
  17. Awareness makes the following miracles in the Psyche:
    • Breaks the bifurcation between the observer and the observed.
    • Sees the actual without abstraction.
    • Comprehends without the ladder of concepts and conclusions.
    • Demolishes the darkness of duality.
    • Flashing of freedom from fragmentations in the field of consciousness begins.
    • Knows without getting into the trap of Knower and the Knowledge (Vedanta process).
    • Overthrows the obscurity of opposites.
    • Rejects reaction or re-iteration for adequate response to resurrect.
    • Sees without the separative process in the consciousness.
    • Surrenders without subservience.
    • Thinks outside the corridor of the Thinker (past) and the Thought (future).
    • Understands without undertaking.
    • Views without vanity.
    • Watches without words.
    • Meditates without the meditator.
    • Ego is held in abeyance for the emptiness to speak.

(An utterance from Lahiri Mahashaya)

Epilogue 1: Guru Nanak’s Mantra on Awareness

Ekamkar Satnam Karta purukh Nirbhayo Nirwaer Akal murat Ajuni Saebhang Guru prasad

Ekamkar: ‘It’ is the same divinity without division despite diversity.
Satnam: ‘It’ is the truth — vast and existential.
Karta purukh: ‘It’ is the Energy and Intelligence. (Prakriti & Purush of Gita and Chiti-Shakti of Patanjali).
Nirbhayo: ‘It’ has nothing to do with fears or apprehensions of the embodied consciousness.
Nirwaer: ‘It’ is beyond all conflicts of opposites and enmity.
Akal murat: ‘It’ transcends all limitation in time and space.
Ajuni: ‘It’ has no beginning (and therefore no end too).
Saebhang: ‘It’ is revealed naturally by itself.
Guru prasad: ‘It’ is the ultimate grace of the Guru Process.

Epilogue 2: Meaning of the word ‘GURU’

GU: from Gupta, that is, camouflaged, covered, darkness. RU: from Rudra, that is, fire, light.
So, GURU implies the process of dispelling darkness.

An invitation Messages Message 75: What is Enlightenment?

Message 75

San Diego, U.S.A., 5 Oct. 2004

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the light that dawns making clear the limitation of dualistic nature of the thinking apparatus of human beings which unnecessarily creates division between the thinker and the thought, observer and the observed, experiencer and the experienced, spectator and the sight, controller and the controlled, consciousness and the content of the consciousness. This limitation sabotages an impartial, holistic, detached, free and effortless process of pure experiencing, pure insight, pure observation, pure thinking, natural control, unbiased analytical and rational faculty thus preventing to leap to another level of consciousness where the Reality, which is not ‘I-ness’ (experience) but ‘Is-ness’ (existential emptiness) resides!

This consciousness with which we are familiar and is felt with such conspicuousness, can not capture the ‘otherness’ under any circumstances because of overwhelming involvement and preoccupation with ‘thisness’. There are, however, flashes of ‘otherness’ when ‘thisness’ somehow gets abandoned occasionally!

The flash is grasped by a kind of shock shattering the separative consciousness.

The way of enlightenment is the way of our daily life, watching the daily living in a state of wisdom which means no watcher! Watcher prevents wisdom by its past prejudices, pressures, pretensions and pursuits. Enlightenment happens under the sky, not in the meditation halls run by ‘spiritual’ scoundrels and ‘religious’ rascals! The challenge of enlightenment is to meet each moment with clarity without any pre-concepts and pre-determined conclusions. Comprehension is not reached by climbing a ladder of concepts. Perception is not paradox of postulates. ‘Here and now’, not hypotheses and notions, is the dynamism of Enlightenment. It is the aesthetic spirit of awareness, not ambition and achievement!

Diversity for performing daily tasks and for daily living is sabotaged by attachment through psychological recording in addition to the necessary technical recording by the memory. Then ‘I’ springs up as the aggregate of psychological investments, positive or negative, that is, attachment or aversion, likes or dislikes, justifications or condemnations, pleasant or unpleasant, profitable or not profitable. Now this garbage ‘I’ imagines a separate and godly ‘I’, an individual soul, a supersoul, i.e. a ‘higher self’, ready for the Saviour, success, sin and Salvation and so on! These illusions perpetuate the split in the consciousness, the duality, the opposites, the choices, the separation generating demands, desires, cravings, fears, dependencies, belief-systems and bigotry, conflicts, wars and so on.

The garbage ‘I’ seeks to glorify, grandise, gratify itself through ideals, holy concepts, heaven, high sounding phrases, ‘culture’, nationalism, internationalism, God, ‘no-God’, Enlightenment, peace, conquest of evil, communism, capitalism and on and on!

Diversity is sabotaged by psychological residues in the technical recording by the memory, thus giving rise to an ‘I-ness’ and, in turn, this ‘I-ness’ is perpetuated by the duality of a spurious higher and permanent ‘I’ as against the lower ‘I’. But the higher self is the lower self. The Saint is the Sinner! Allowing this duality to disappear by a total inaction on the part of the ‘I’ is to allow the advent of the divinity. This is the most sacred mutation, the radical change, the fundamental transformation in the psyche and the absolute and unconditional freedom of humanity from sorrow and suffering.

Enlightenment is like a toilet paper which cleanses you by making itself dirty. Throw it and flush out immediately. Otherwise, it would become an experience and start stinking and spread pollutions all around!

Download the Message in PDF format: alt Message 75: What is Enlightenment?; (English)