Ритрит под Владимиром 2019

Ритрит под Владимиром 2019

27 августа — 1 сентября 2019 под Владимиром состоится ритрит с Гуруджи Шибенду Лахири.

Lahiri Mahasaya

Lahiri Mahasaya

did not visit this planet to keep you amused in poor and paralyzing consolations but to break the mental prison.

There are no two

There are no two

Human consciousness is constituted by its contents comprising of cultural inputs and conditioning. There is no part of the conspicuous self-consciousness which is outside the net-work of its contents.

 An invitation

An invitation

to die to the illusion ‘I’ every moment so that a human being can live in Intelligence from moment to moment without the burden of the past and the ‘becoming’ of the future.



There is no psychological evolution or development. There is only the ending and demolition of the separative psyche ‘I’, for the emergence of divinity which is the awakening of Intelligence.

To love is the greatest thing of all, for in it there is the complete abandonment of oneself.
An invitation Messages Message 23: Six Verses for Liberation

Message 23

Schweibenalp, Switzerland, 24 May 2000

Nirvana Satakam

That is, six verses for nirvana or liberation

Spirit of Nirvana Satakam

manobuddhyahaṁkāracittāni nāhaṁ
na ca śrotrajihve na ca ghrāṇanetre |
na ca vyomabhūmiḥ na tejo na vāyuḥ
cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'haṁ śivo'ham || 1 ||

I have no name
I am as fresh breeze of the mountains.
I have no shelter,
I am as the wandering waters.
I have no sanctuary,
Like the dark gods.
Nor am I in the shadow of deep temples.
I have no sacred books,
Nor am I well seasoned in tradition.

na ca prāṇasaṁjño na vai pañcavāyuḥ
na vā saptadhāturna vā pañcakośaḥ |
na vāk pāṇipādau na copasthapāyū
cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'haṁ śivo'ham || 2 ||

I am not in the incense mounting on high altars,
Nor in the pomp of ceremonies.
I am neither in the graven image
Nor in the rich chant of a melodious voice.
I am not bound by theories
Nor corrupted by beliefs.
I am not held in the bondage of religions.
Nor in the pious agony of their priests.

na me dveṣarāgau na me lobhamohau
mado naiva me naiva mātsaryabhāvaḥ |
na dharmo na cārtho na kāmo na mokṣaḥ
cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'haṁ śivo'ham || 3 ||

I am not entrapped by philosophies
Nor held in the power of their sects.
I am neither low nor high,
I am not the worshipper nor the worshipped.
I am free.
My song is the song of the river
Calling for the open seas,
Wandering, wandering.
I am life.

na puṇyaṁ na pāpaṁ na saukhyaṁ na duḥkhaṁ
na mantro na tīrthaṁ na vedā na yajñāḥ |
ahaṁ bhojanaṁ naiva bhojyaṁ na bhoktā
cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'haṁ śivo'ham || 4 ||

Life has no philosophy
No cunning system of thought.
Life has no religion
No adorations in deep sanctuaries.
Life has no god
Nor the burden of fearsome mystery.

na me mṛtyuśaṅkā na me jātibhedaḥ
pitā naiva me naiva mātā na janma |
na bandhurna mitraṁ gururnaiva śiṣyaḥ
cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'haṁ śivo'ham || 5 ||

Life has no abode,
Nor the aching sorrow of ultimate decay.
Life has no pleasure, no pain,
Nor the corruption of pursuing love.
Life is neither good or evil,
Nor the dark punishment of careless sin.

ahaṁ nirvikalpo nirākārarūpo
vibhutvāca sarvatra sarvendriyāṇām |
na casaṁgata naiva muktirna meyaḥ
cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'haṁ śivo'ham || 6 ||
Life gives no comfort
Nor does it rest on the shrine of oblivion.
Life is neither spirit nor matter,
Nor is there the cruel division of action and inaction.
Life has no death,
Nor has it the void of loneliness in the shadow of time.
Free is the man who lives in the eternal.
For life is.

Extraordinary concentration of total energy takes place when mind is freed from pursuits and paradoxes. Realise Kriya Yoga without mental pollutions.

Download the Message in PDF format:  Message 23: Six Verses for Liberation (English)