Ретрит под Владимиром 2020

Ретрит под Владимиром 2020

8 — 14 июня 2020 г. под Владимиром состоится ретрит с Гуруджи Шибенду Лахири.

Передача практик в Москве

Передача практик в Москве

5, 6, 7 июня 2020 в Москве состоится передача практик крия йоги учителем династической линии Шибенду Лахири.

Lahiri Mahasaya

Lahiri Mahasaya

did not visit this planet to keep you amused in poor and paralyzing consolations but to break the mental prison.

There are no two

There are no two

Human consciousness is constituted by its contents comprising of cultural inputs and conditioning. There is no part of the conspicuous self-consciousness which is outside the net-work of its contents.

 An invitation

An invitation

to die to the illusion ‘I’ every moment so that a human being can live in Intelligence from moment to moment without the burden of the past and the ‘becoming’ of the future.



There is no psychological evolution or development. There is only the ending and demolition of the separative psyche ‘I’, for the emergence of divinity which is the awakening of Intelligence.

Один человек разбрасывал рис вокруг своего дома. Прохожий, увидев это, спросил: «Господин, зачем ты это делаешь?» Человек отвечал: «Таким образом я защищаюсь от тигров». Прохожий продолжал: «Но ведь тигры никогда не приходят в этот город». Человек сказал: «Значит – я все делаю правильно!»
An invitation Messages Message 179: Peace and Paradise

Message 179

Garda Lake, Italy, 24 November 2009

A recent Upanishad

Upanishads are dialogues between the student and the teacher sharing intensely the energy of Understanding. An Upanishad, just happened, is narrated hereunder.


Recently certain things have been happening in the body:

1. The body saw a state of complete indifference to all states including the state it was in. There was nothing to prove, nothing to convince or be convinced of, no one to influence and no one who influenced, no activity, no inactivity. Responses happened without any calculation of the impact of such responses; without thought of whether it is right or wrong. This was also happening during a meeting in our Head Office with the Managing Director.

2. Things are being forgotten once they happen, but remembered whenever required – sometimes just on the date or time when it is necessary. At such times, there is a sudden doubt whether this will happen again, or one should do something to remember. But even then, there is nothing that can be done to remember. And it happens! You have said that this happens and that is a solace.

All this is occurring when my daughter’s marriage is around the corner and there are periods of apprehension if everything will be done as required even when the body is in such a state. Everything is happening as required. It is quite a wonderful state of euphoria or “madness”. And no one is able to spot all this in my daily communications – whether at work or at home.

And the funny thing is that there is no purpose in writing all this except to share as usual. Whatever is happening is happening. This awareness is rather novel in this body. The student now bows with his head at the teacher’s feet (an Indian tradition).


Zero contains all numbers from minus infinity to plus infinity. ‘Now’ or ‘Is-ness’ or timelessness or conflict-less-ness is beyond all descriptions because activity of thought can never touch this state of strange tranquil awareness. This is in existential eternity enveloping all past, present and future! This mutation in the brain cells is prevented by the ‘I-ness’ with all its separative and seductive pursuits including its contrived pretensions of equanimity.

Events happening are facts, but remembrance of events, with its psychological investments (positive or negative), are not facts – just as fire is a fact, but a picture of fire is not.

Remembrance or memory is useful for performance in the practical world of technology in the exterior with ‘I’ merely as a symbol or reference-point. Memory, free from agony or anxiety, takes care of itself. It never fails. But in the interior, when ‘I’ props up with its tension & turmoil as a self-isolatory paradox from the field of remembrance or of not-remembrance; the most profound potential in human beings – a mutation in the brain cells – gets totally blocked! Is it possible for a heavily-conditioned brain, with all the pressures and prejudices of the past, to understand this? Unless this mutation takes place in the human brain, peace will not be available to humanity at any level – personal, family, and society, national or international. We will talk about peace and prepare for war. We will simultaneously manufacture instruments both for developments as also for destructions! We will talk about unity and yet promote divisions such as nations. The word “United Nations” is a contradiction in terms!

Let there be the holy mutation in human brains bringing peace and paradise on this planet. It is the “religious thinking” of the illusion ‘I’, borrowed from the spiritual supermarket that has destroyed the possibility of human species to flower into goodness, into something extraordinary. Popes, Archbishops, Bishops, priests, Mahamandaleshwars, Mahants, Swamis, Anandas, Giris, Paramhansas, Paramacharyas, Brahmakumaris, Mahatmas, Mullahs, Imams, Rabbis are all pious egoists and thus are pure poisons – a sure way to annihilate and kill confidently the possibility of awakening of INTELLIGENCE, the potentiality of the occurrence of mutation in the Interior. When the mutation happens, it may be considered as “madness” too! There is nothing inside your ‘you-ness’ other than the constant utilization of thought to give continuity to the illusion of the separative self.

Swadhyay in Kriya Yoga is Dissolution of ‘I-ness’.
Tapas in Kriya Yoga is Dissipation of ‘I-ness’.
Ishwara Pranidhan is the Dawn of Divinity (INTELLIGENCE).

Meditation in Kriya Yoga is emptying the mind of the activities of the psyche ‘I’.
It is not acquiring clever and cunning maneuvers of the mind in “meditation-workshops” being run for several days!

Religious life is a life of meditation in which the activities of ‘I’ are not.

Love is not grown in giant agricultural farms!
Love is not sold in magnificent supermarkets!
Love hits like a jolt of lightening to those who surrender their heads!

प्रेम न बादी नीपजे प्रेम न हाट बिकाइ ।
राजा परजा जिस रुचे सीस देय ले जाइ ॥

prem na baadii niipje, prem na haaT bikaai;
raajaa parjaa jis ruche, siis deya le jaai.

राम रसायन प्रेम रस पीवत अधिक रसाल ।
कबीर पीवन दुर्लभ है मांगे सीस कलाल ॥

raam rasaayan prem ras, piivat adhik rasaal;
kabiir piivan durlabh hai, maaMge siis kalaal.

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