Ритрит под Владимиром 2019

Ритрит под Владимиром 2019

27 августа — 1 сентября 2019 под Владимиром состоится ритрит с Гуруджи Шибенду Лахири.

Lahiri Mahasaya

Lahiri Mahasaya

did not visit this planet to keep you amused in poor and paralyzing consolations but to break the mental prison.

There are no two

There are no two

Human consciousness is constituted by its contents comprising of cultural inputs and conditioning. There is no part of the conspicuous self-consciousness which is outside the net-work of its contents.

 An invitation

An invitation

to die to the illusion ‘I’ every moment so that a human being can live in Intelligence from moment to moment without the burden of the past and the ‘becoming’ of the future.



There is no psychological evolution or development. There is only the ending and demolition of the separative psyche ‘I’, for the emergence of divinity which is the awakening of Intelligence.

Message 81

What is Awareness?

Paris, 11 December 2005

  1. Awareness is the movement of Actuality. It is not the manoeuvre of abstractions and ascriptions.
  2. Awareness pertains to the real thing, not to the thought and the theory about the thing.
  3. Awareness is concerned with the fact, not with the fancy and fallacy camouflaging the fact.
  4. Awareness belongs to ‘what is’, not to ‘what should be’.
  5. Awareness leads to freedom and emptiness, not to fragmentation of the experience-structure.
  6. Be aware of your neurosis!
  7. Rise to the awareness of your (mind’s) conflicts, confusion and chaos; not run into concepts, conclusion and concoction.
  8. Be awake to your awareness, don’t remain asleep in your ambition.
  9. Awareness is intelligence, assertion is merely intellectual.
  10. Be aware of your guilt & gullibility, of your greed and god, of your glorification and gratification.
  11. Don’t carry the burden of your belief-systems, symbols, images, motives, taboos, prejudices, superstitions, pretentions; just be aware of them.
  12. Be aware of your pursuits for power, possessions, position, prominence; don’t seduce yourself by paradoxes and prayers.
  13. Find out if the consciousness can be aware of itself without splitting itself into two — ‘me’ and ‘my consciousness’.
  14. Be aware that although you have a unique body, you are not an individual! You are the whole humanity! There is diversity but no division.
  15. Be aware of the self-hypnotic techniques being sold in the spiritual market as meditation and thus be available to the sacred movement of spontaneous meditation.
  16. Awareness is the only morality which wakes you up to the immorality of the power of money, to the insistence on worldliness that industrialism has brought about and to the idiocy of ideologies. And out of such an awareness comes an extraordinary sense of immensity which no President, no Prime Minister, no Pope, no Paramahansa is aware of!
  17. Awareness makes the following miracles in the Psyche:
    • Breaks the bifurcation between the observer and the observed.
    • Sees the actual without abstraction.
    • Comprehends without the ladder of concepts and conclusions.
    • Demolishes the darkness of duality.
    • Flashing of freedom from fragmentations in the field of consciousness begins.
    • Knows without getting into the trap of Knower and the Knowledge (Vedanta process).
    • Overthrows the obscurity of opposites.
    • Rejects reaction or re-iteration for adequate response to resurrect.
    • Sees without the separative process in the consciousness.
    • Surrenders without subservience.
    • Thinks outside the corridor of the Thinker (past) and the Thought (future).
    • Understands without undertaking.
    • Views without vanity.
    • Watches without words.
    • Meditates without the meditator.
    • Ego is held in abeyance for the emptiness to speak.

(An utterance from Lahiri Mahashaya)

Epilogue 1: Guru Nanak’s Mantra on Awareness

Ekamkar Satnam Karta purukh Nirbhayo Nirwaer Akal murat Ajuni Saebhang Guru prasad

Ekamkar: ‘It’ is the same divinity without division despite diversity.
Satnam: ‘It’ is the truth — vast and existential.
Karta purukh: ‘It’ is the Energy and Intelligence. (Prakriti & Purush of Gita and Chiti-Shakti of Patanjali).
Nirbhayo: ‘It’ has nothing to do with fears or apprehensions of the embodied consciousness.
Nirwaer: ‘It’ is beyond all conflicts of opposites and enmity.
Akal murat: ‘It’ transcends all limitation in time and space.
Ajuni: ‘It’ has no beginning (and therefore no end too).
Saebhang: ‘It’ is revealed naturally by itself.
Guru prasad: ‘It’ is the ultimate grace of the Guru Process.

Epilogue 2: Meaning of the word ‘GURU’

GU: from Gupta, that is, camouflaged, covered, darkness. RU: from Rudra, that is, fire, light.
So, GURU implies the process of dispelling darkness.

An invitation Messages Message 109: This truth is God! God, however, is not truth

Message 109

Paris, 10 December 2006

A letter to Kriyaban Joe of Seattle (USA)

It was nice to have a delightful dialogue, over the telephone, despite the current difficult situation in your personal family life and inspite of the enormous distance and difference in time between Seattle (USA) and Paris (France). How beautifully an explosion of joy and laughter occurred in your body when Shibendu said: “For everything under the Sun, there is a remedy or none!

Every phenomenon in the manifest dimension of existence is impermanent. It emerges, endures for a while and ultimately ends. Even stars are born in the cosmos, exist for millions of years, but at last die in the ‘black hole’. Endurance in between is of different duration on each occasion.

Can you meditate on impermanency, without running into duality between the observer and the observed? You will then discover that there is nothing personal anywhere. In fact, in the extraordinary depth of this holistic meditation, the energy of veracity is so enormous that even ‘I’ or ‘me’ as a separate emotional & sensual device of attachment or aversion vanishes altogether!

And then one is suddenly exposed to an all-pervading Intelligence (Chaitanya) which is perhaps the ground on which the everlasting play (Leela) of creation, conservation and conclusion goes on! But the Intelligence itself remains unmanifest and unknowable! Why?

Everything that has a beginning and an end, that is limited and impermanent, is manifest and knowable. Therefore, that which has no beginning & and no end, that which is never born & and never dies, that which is unlimited & timeless, that which is Life and Intelligence, must remain unmanifest and unknowable. This truth is God! God, however, is not truth, it is only a false fabrication and formulation of an imbecile myth called mind whose constituents are greed, gullibility and guilt; fear, fantasy and frustration; desperation, delusion and dependency; belief-systems, bigotry and brutality!

So when truth as God hits you like a jolt of lightening, then your body, blood-cells and bone-marrow know without any knowledge! Then your life perceives without any experience! This is absolute freedom from mind, even though memory still functions with tremendous sharpness and accuracy for performing the daily tasks.

So for God’s sake, never meditate on God! Neither on ‘No-God’ of Buddhists, Jains and Communists; nor on ‘One God’ of Jews, Christians or Muslims; nor on ‘Multiple Gods’ of Hindus! Just be aware of truth, of what is, of impermanency, from moment to moment. Do not seek ‘what should be’, except in the technical world. Universal Intelligence (Krishna) holds. This is the ground permanency. Nothing else is permanent.

jīvabhūtāṁ mahābāho yayedaṁ dhāryate jagat
Bhagavat Gita (VII : 5)

Jai Sri Krishna